NEOLIFE CAROTENOID contains powerful carotenoid nutrients from whole foods to support immunity.The most complete carotenoid supplement in the market, providing an optimal serving of fruits and vegetables in each capsule. Each bottle contains the carotenoid equivalent of 115 kg of the raw fruits and vegetables it’s made from.

Key Benefits
1. Proven in research done by United States Department of Agriculture to boost immune capacity by 37% in 20 days.
2. Boosts cancer fighting cells by 20%.
3. Curbs oxidation damage to cell 44%
4. Helps body recover from sickness faster.
5. Retarding ageing process by ensuring the cells stay ‘younger for longer’.
6. Promotes hair growth and stops hair loss.
7. Provides more protection from bad cholesterol.

Take 1 to 3 capsule daily.



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