Green World Calcium Capsule Supplement (1000 mg x 100 capsules)

Onigbinde Description

  • For all age group, especially adolescence, postmenopausal women and the elderly who need higher calcium intake.
  • It is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • Each capsule provides 225mg elementary calcium, take 2 tablets in a day.
  • Balanced nutrition.
  • High absorption rate of Calcium.
  • Suitable for all people.

Brief:It helps strengthen the bonesand prevent osteoporosis.

Green World Calcium Tablet reduces the risk of the bone density loss and improves osteoporosis caused by aging. It contains nano milk calcium, which is stable in a challenging environment with comparatively higher temperature and humidity and easily absorbable.

All women over the age of 25 years should be taking calcium supplement so that, they will not develop Osteoarthritis in old age. Also, it helps women to get pregnant.

There are multiple physiologically active substances, such active polypeptides, which interacts with DNA enzymes to control intracellular signal pathway, adjust vital function.

lt takes nano milk calcium as its main ingredients.

Benefit & Functions of GREEN WORLD  CALCIUM Supplements for adults:Composition:   Nano Mlk Calcium, Sucrose, Starch. It is a:* Supplement of calcium. * lt takes nano milk calcium as its main ingredients. * It is rich in phosphorous, ferrous, zinc, protein, phosphorous protein, amino acid and vitamins.