Green World Spirulina Plus Capsule

Onigbinde Description 

Spirulina contains rich iron, vitamin B12 and chlorophyll which can significantly improve the carrying capacity of red blood cells and guarantee fresher and abundant, Spirulina contains rich polsaccxharide of spirulina platensis (PSP) and glycoprotein, rich Se, B-carotene, iron and vitamins, chlorophyll, many amino acids, such as, linoleic acid and many trace elements.

Suitable for:
People intend to have balanced daily nutritional intake
People with any of the following conditions: Diabetes, gastric ulcer, overweight or obesity, hepatitis, eye and renal disorders, anemia, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperlipemia, anorexia, ensuresis, pile, constipation, premenstrual tension, side effects resulting from cancer, chemo or radiotherapy and immunodeficiency, chronic fatigue, insominia and unbalanced wound.

People on diet
People in status of malnutrition
People at the late stage of wasting diseases such as cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis. Diabetes, chronic atrophic, gastritis, malignant thyrotoxicosis, etc
Vegetarians who have insufficient intake of protein.