JL-F388 18inch Rechargeable LED Ring Light + 3phone Holders & Remote

  • Phone Holder
  • 1 Battery Charger
  • A/C Power Cord
  • 1 6ft Light Stand
  • 1 Carrier Bag
  • Enhance your job with this wild of Ring Light perfectly need four creative space. Especially for Make-up Artist, Photography, Video-graphy
  • Perfect for capturing exceptionally gorgeous photos and videos!
  • Embrace the light, bask in brightness, and create wonders.
    Keep your lighting on-point with UNIVERSAL 18″ Dimmable Ring Light-the greatest step-up you perfectly need for your creative space: made especially for portrait photography, macro photography, videography and make-up artistry.

    • CONSISTENT, FLAWLESS ILLUMINATION – Integrated with constant current drive and consistently emits light with 4650 luminous flux.
    • 180 ROTATION TILT ADJUSTMENT – Helps find the right angle for ideal lighting. Sturdy with full mobility.
    • DIMMABLE BRIGHTNESS – Wide dimming range for specific and distinct lighting conditions.
    • EXCELLENT COLOR RENDERING – High CRI lights of index greater than 90 for accurate reproduction of vibrancy.
    • POWERFUL HEATLESS LIGHTING – Equipped with 240 pieces top-notch quality LED lights while producing no heat output.
    • DAYLIGHT-BALANCE LIGHTING CONDITIONS – Provides 5500K temperature crisp white light for natural-looking colors.
    • 2 WAY POWER SUPPLY – Operates by 65W power when plugged in, or by easy-to-install rechargeable batteries.



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