Mini Ball Cactus Night Light Humidifiers – 7 Color Changing Night Light

There is a spray logo button press for the first time it is defaulted as continuous spray time,it lasts for 4 hours,press the button for the seconds time,it’s under the interval spray which will Spray three seconds to the stop three seconds,then do it again and again, it lasts for 8 for the third time,it will be turned off.
There is a light logo button,press for the first time it is defaulted as colorful lights slow flash automatic mode,press for the second time,it’s under different single color mode,the light color mode,the light will be changed red,blue,green,pink,purple when you press the button for the third,fourth,fifth,sixth,seventh time,press the button for 1.5 seconds,the light will be turned off.



Product Description