Total Pillow Travel Comfort Neck Cushion

The Total Pillow, as the name suggests, does everything that you would hope for in a pillow.

A super soft pillow filled with tension easing micro-beads to support your neck, knees or back.

The versatile pillow allows you to twist it into shape to cradle any part of your body, once twisted into shape the pillow will lock into place and stay in position.

Use as a chair cushion, lumbar support, floor pillow or neck rest and feel instant comfort.

Don’t just confine it to the bedroom as your body will welcome the support

when sitting at a desk or when watching TV.

This pillow should also be known as a’portable pillow’, because it is exactly that. It can be used anywhere, at home, in the office and perfect for travel and long-distance journeys.

Perfect for travelling in cars, buses, trains and planes.

The ergonomic and versatile design of the Total Pillow locks in place and

supports you five ways, whilst keeping its shape.


Total Pillow twists to support any 5 main body areas:
neck, spine, shoulders, lower back and legs
Fleece pillow filled with micro-beads