Yang Li Decorator with Stainless Steel Noozzle

1.Special Design of the converter section and Decorating bottle ,Different nozzle to get different patterns. 2.Idea for decorating cookies, cupcakes and cakes. 3.Ideal for icing birthday cakes and homemade cupcakes. 4.Simple handling and filling. Far easier to manage than a traditional piping bag. 5.With two colors ‘tied’ together, tracing double patterns when decorating your cakes is child’s play, creating eye-catching, multi-colored results that will leave your guests amazed at your steady hand. 6.Dishwasher safe. Features: Cixin for piping and converter with special design piping bag. So it can be very special presents the effect of two kinds of color. There are scale for you to measrue the cream. Piping bag made of high quality silicone material, nozzle made of high quality plastic material. Perfect for making cakes, biscuit, cookies, chocolate, pie, etc. Reusable, durable, flexible, soft and practical. Cook cute cake and dessert with your children together. Easily add beautiful decorations to cakes and pastries